Does NeedCapital.AI have an “Explainer Video”?

Yes! Watch the NeedCapital.AI Explainer Video on our homepage.

How does NeedCapital.AI work?

Apply online for free (no gimmicks, no credit card needed)! Clients gain access to over 25,000 investment firms (i.e.: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Family Offices) and 6,000 angel investors. To-date, over 3 billion dollars in deal flow has been generated.

Upon engagement, your dedicated Account Manager will perform on-boarding. Depended upon which service you select, your Account Manager will work with you to create and/or update investment presentation materials. You also receive feedback and guidance directly from NeedCapital.AI founders.
When ready to execute capital outreach, the NeedCapital.AI engine works to connect you with qualified investors, interested in the specific criteria covered in your presentation–all with the push of a button.

If you qualify, a NeedCapital.AI representative will schedule your free consultation to review your capital needs. You select the service that best fits your budget.

Interested investors contact you directly. You then respond and negotiate directly with the investors. NeedCapital.AI guarantees a 5% minimum response rate from targeted, accredited investors. Throughout the revolutionary fundraising process, you have complete transparency regarding who is contacted, allowing you to focus on what matters most: responding directly to the investors interested in your business.

How do I get started with NeedCapital.AI?

Apply online now. It’s free (no gimmicks, no credit card needed) and only takes a few minutes to submit the application.  

Can NeedCapital.AI help me raise funds? 

Yes; NeedCapital.AI combines traditional business consulting with a revolutionary distribution platform that cracks the fundraising code by leveraging technology. With over 25,000 investment firms (e.g.: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, etc.) and 6000 angel investors, globally, NeedCapital.AI helps you by providing direct, one-on-one access to ideal, qualified investors who are interested in your specific investment criteria.

NeedCapital.AI takes complete ownership and control of the investor search and outreach campaign for you thereby saving you time, energy, and money. NeedCapital.AI provides service for an affordable flat fee based on the needs and budget of each client. A highly-experienced team of investment banking analysts and documentation support staff is available should you need help developing or advancing a business plan, pitch deck or financial models. This allows you to focus solely on running and growing a successful venture. 

Over 3 billion dollars in deal flow has been generated, thus far with extraordinary clients, all by offering a sophisticated, personalized and discrete approach to fundraising. See Case Studies

How is NeedCapital.AI different than other fundraising platforms? 

NeedCapital.AI is the only artificially intelligent fundraising solution! 
NeedCapital.AI cofounders have been in your shoes. They know exactly what it takes to fundraise and build businesses (and nonprofits) as both investor and entrepreneur…We are mission-driven to disrupt traditional fundraising by providing a SAAS platform; backed by an experienced team of professionals, that gives our go-getter clients direct access to capital that they deserve and need, saving them time and money

We built NeedCapital.AI because it is what we wish we had 20 years ago!
Traditional funding programs offered by big investment banks and VCs reject 90% of the deal flow from entering into their portfolios based on the opinions of their in-house analysts. While this method serves the investor very well, it is an anti-democratic process for the fundraiser or startup raising capital. With NeedCapital.AI, every client receives access to the best targeted and qualified investors in the world. From there, fundraising success is truly based on the quality of NeedCapital.AI clients’ presentations–which are delivered directly by the client to interested investors.

Unlike other platforms, NeedCapital.AI is not a public crowdfunding or private “business listing site”
NeedCapital.AI it is a one-to-one discrete communication system between qualified companies seeking capital from qualified investors looking for specific investment opportunities. We believe the “shopping around of deals” is a practice detrimental to the interests of any company seeking funding. NeedCapital.AI is a faster and more reliable solution to offer meetings with ideal investors when compared to other platforms -or brokers- who “broadcast” your investment aimlessly.

Over 3 billion dollars in deal flow has been generated, thus far, with extraordinary clients…all by offering a sophisticated, personalized and discrete approach to fundraising. See Case Studies

Does NeedCapital.AI charge a service fee, take a commission, or expect equity? How much do your services cost?

Unlike traditional fundraising methods, NeedCapital.AI does not work on a success-based model or request a commission-based fee for successfully raising capital. NeedCapital.AI also does not request or expect equity in a client business in exchange for any service performed.

As a Software-as-a-Service, NeedCapital.AI is not registered as a broker-dealer to offer investment advice and does not advise on the raising of capital through securities offerings:

* No securities transactions are executed or negotiated on or through the NeedCapital.AI platform,

* NeedCapital.AI does not recommend or otherwise suggest that any investor make an investment in a particular company, or that any company offer securities to a particular investor,

* NeedCapital.AI takes no part in the negotiation or execution of transactions for the purchase or sale of securities, and at no time has possession of funds or securities,

* NeedCapital.AI receives no compensation in connection with the purchase or sale of securities.

NeedCapital.AI only provides services for an affordable flat fee; ranging from $3,000 to $15,000, based on the unique needs, budget, and requirements of each client.  

Does NeedCapital.AI help startups in “pre-revenue” stage? 

Yes. NeedCapital.AI helps companies in all stages of business and the fundraising process. In fact, 70% of the clients using the Need.Capital.AI engine and fundraising platform have been in pre-revenue stage. 

Apply now. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to submit the application online (no gimmicks or credit card required).

What industry sectors does NeedCapital.AI serve? 

There are 100+ sectors listed on the NeedCapital.AI platform for you to select and identify your company, products and services. The NeedCapital.AI team will sort your deal based on the information you provide under multiple relevant sectors, allowing you to appeal to a wide network of ideal investors interested in your specific industry.

Clients come from a variety of sectors including, but not limited to:  

  • Electronics (Consumer/Industrial)  
  • Financial Technology (FinTech) 
  • Media & Entertainment 
  • E-commerce  
    …and much more.  See Case Studies

    We look forward to serving you and your company.
What is the average deal size on NeedCapital.AI? Is there a maximum fundraising limitation for NeedCapital.AI clients? 

The average deal size on our fundraising platform is between $2 million and $10 million depending on service and type of capital needed. Historically, clients have raised as low as $150K and as high as $90 million

There is no “maximum” fundraising amount that would prohibit any client from completing an application for NeedCapital.AI

Where is the NeedCapital.AI investor network located? 

Investors networked with NeedCaptial.AI are located worldwide. NeedCapital.AI will streamline your investor outreach campaign, targeting ideal sources of capital, pertaining to your geographical preferences and/or geography of operations. 

What companies has NeedCapital.AI worked with to secure capital?  

The services provided to clients are private and confidential. For more information, see Case Studies which highlight successes based on the following criteria:

Industry Sector
Type of Company
Fundraising Amount
Investor Response

We look forward to working with you and your team–so that your company may secure the capital you need.

Does NeedCapital.AI guarantee results?  

Each client opportunity is unique. There are a variety of factors that contribute to performance on our platform; including: the strength of the client’s management team, business model, product-market-fit, and more. These factors impact the reception from the investors and the market. NeedCapital.AI guarantees an on-boarding process that helps clients position for maximum success on our platform; the service is backed-up with a 5% minimum response rate guaranteed

Based on historical performance, companies spend an average of $400K or more over their first 3 years in business preparing for fundraising. NeedCapital.AI saves you time, money, and headaches allowing you to focus on your venture instead of fundraising becoming your additional full-time job. See Case Studies for examples of client successes.  

How long will it take from the time I submit my application to the time we get funded? 

If your business plan and investment materials are ready-to-go, you can garner immediate interest from investors by leveraging NeedCapital.AI’s revolutionary fundraising technology.

Once investors are contacted and meet with a client, the investors typically conduct due-diligence within a 60-90 day timeframe.

Who is NeedCapital.AI for? 

NeedCapital.AI is ideal for any business or nonprofit owner, inventor, startup, entrepreneur, investor, enterprise–who needs to raise capital.

Apply now for free (no gimmicks or credit card needed). It only takes a few minutes to submit an application. 
We look forward to working with you

How do clients know when an investor is interested in their opportunity? 

Clients receive a direct email from interested investors who have already reviewed their investment materials via the NeedCapital.AI engine. 

Yes, in the end, it is that simple! By leveraging our platform, services and industry experience, clients save an average of 2 years worth of fundraising learning-curve and $400,000 in fundraising budget.

Is my business plan or idea safe from being “stolen” by NeedCapital.AI and/or investors?

Clients are responsible for selecting the details shared in their business plans to quickly capture the interest of investors and accelerate their engagement. Rather than sharing “the secret sauce” in your pitch deck, NeedCapital.AI recommends best practice is to share an initial executive summary to pique investors’ curiosity in your business model. The NeedCapital.AI engine facilitates the transmission of your business materials discretely with investors. 

While NeedCapital.AI does not claim ownership of your materials, and is not responsible for the possible misuse of content or materials, submitted or transmitted, through the NeedCapital.AI engine; should you (prospective client or client) have additional concerns regarding how NeedCapital.AI respects the confidentiality of your information, please note that we do cover this topic in greater detail within each and every legal contract with our clients. It is also NeedCapital.AI policy to allow each client (new or existing) the opportunity to review and approve the details of their agreement (via DocuSign) with NeedCapital.AI, before the start of any engaged service(s) with NeedCapital.AI.

Can NeedCapital.AI help me create a business plan or pitch deck? How long does it take to complete these materials?

Yes, NeedCapital.AI is here to help you with an experienced team of investment banking analysts offering document creation as well as document support. Whether it is a business plan, pitch deck (investor presentation in PowerPoint/PDF), financial modeling, or proforma, NeedCapital.AI can help. 

The turn-around time on material development is subject to the specific requirements of each engagement. 

What are the methods of payment for NeedCapital.AI services? Can I pay in installments? What is your refund policy? 

NeedCapital.AI accepts payment* with any US-issued, and most international-issued, credit card or debit card bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay logo:

The following card types are accepted: Credit, Corporate, Debit (processed like credit), Prepaid, or Rewards [Processing Fee: 3.5%]

On a client-by-client basis, direct bank-to-bank wire-transfer may also be considered for payment*

*Payment: Full Amount of Client Invoice is required up-front in order to render services

In lieu of refunds, NeedCapital.AI is committed to customer satisfaction and works with clients client to achieve fulfillment of service

I have an idea for a product/service, but I haven’t registered a business…Can NeedCapital.AI still help me? 

NeedCapital.AI is intended to serve entrepreneurs and businesses who are seeking capital (i.e: startups or established businesses that have a specific fundraising goal and budget) and want to save time and money by meeting with ideal, qualified investors as soon as possible. So, If you have yet to officially register a business based on your product, invention, concept or service, you are currently in what we refer to as the “idea stage”. 

It’s free (no gimmicks or credit card needed) to sign-up for “NeedCapital.AI Ultimate Business Resource Guide“–Where you’ll receive immediate access to vital software, hardware, courses, books, tools, tips, interviews and more!

These resources are based on two decades worth of research, networking and entrepreneurship sweat, blood and tears that NeedCapital.AI’s own Founders, Lindsey Nagy and Karl Schlegel endured while building their own companies and working to help over 600 entrepreneurs and corporations meet their own goals and objectives. You will receive direct access to connect with some of the most talented and trusted professionals in our network–the wizards we rely on to help our own ventures see success!

You are a click away from having it all at your fingertips simply because you’re a leader and the guy/gal behind “the next big thing” (lets’ face it…you made it all-the-way-down to the last FAQ; well done)! Utilize these resources to help better equip and establish your idea as a business (hint: maybe even file a patent and generate some dales to prove demand) and then contact us, again, when you need capital.

We look forward to following your success!

How do I return to the homepage? 

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We look forward to working with you.