NeedCapital.AI is the world’s first, artificially intelligent fundraising platform.   

Designed with transparency, efficiency and budget in-mind, the NeedCapital.AI engine works to match-and-connect, qualified investors directly with their ideal investment opportunities. Your opportunities.

80% of business fail within their first 3 years of operation. Those who raise Series A funding spend an average of $400,000 over the course of 3 years. Fundraising is a full-time job. It can be a very challenging process to manage while also running a business–especially if starting a business with an inexperienced team.

On the other side of the equation, successful investors receive countless investment pitches and proposals on a daily basis. They know that having access to the best deals is all about “who you know…and trust”. It’s no secret that referrals to investments from reputable relationships place top-priority, receiving their most time and consideration. 

With over 25,000 investment firms (i.e.: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Family Offices) and 6,000 angel investors on the platform behind NeedCapital.AI, over 3 billion dollars in deal flow has been generated, to-date. 


NeedCapital.AI was developed to break the fundraising code. 

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Lindsey Nagy and Karl Schlegel, the partners have invested in many ventures over the span of nearly two decades, throughout America, China, Africa, Philippines, England and United Arab Emirates.

Through their consultancies, NAGY VENTURES and Renovatio Global, they have advised approximately 600 entrepreneurs, as well as Fortune 500 clients, on how to effectively manage growth by reducing risk and increasing revenue, capital and valuation. By implementing technology and strategic-partnerships, they have facilitated over 24-million-dollars in corporate philanthropy and coordinated over one-billion-dollars within venture capital and private equity. By serving on various leadership teams and boards of directors, the partners have helped companies and nonprofits startup and scale. 

Avid networkers, Karl and Lindsey have worked alongside angel investors creating businesses in a variety of sectors, including but not limited to: financial services, technology, energy, media and entertainment, defense, healthcare and education.
After years of raising capital while building and managing companies, the partners have proven that the speed and cost of fundraising is greatly improved when leveraging professional experience and technology.


Lindsey S. Nagy


Lindsey is the serial entrepreneur who literally created a profitable lemonade stand as a child. A startup-advisor and venture capitalist, Lindsey has built a portfolio of innovative companies since 2004 with NAGY VENTURES. He has helped launch and scale technologies acquired by the Fortune 500. He has delivered niche financial solutions worth hundreds-of-millions to CEOs of Fortune 100 investment banks and owners of hedge funds. In addition to co-founding NeedCapital.AI, Lindsey is Founder and CEO of Eco-Enterprise, Inc. which drives sustainability for businesses, nonprofits and governments while saving them money. Lindsey is also co-founder of Eco-System, Inc. (“eco-system“)–a cloud-based IIOT SaaS for smart city and building automation.


  • Awarded Smart City Innovation by C.C.C.C. for Blockchain/AI-based startup using autonomous drones to monitor Oil/Gas wells: EyeFly/SkyRig ($250K Angel Term Sheet, 2018)
  • Launched cross-border accelerator between US startups and Chinese corporations–investing in science/technology: Accathon Capital (2018)
  • Helped scale global ESCO offering affordable renewable energy: Crius Energy Trust (P.E. Acquisition, ’13-19)
  • Procured Ghanaian investment bank for $97M Waste-to-Energy project: Green Worldwide (’13-17)
  • Helped CEA launch Eureka Park to showcase startups at CES (2012) 
  • Supported TechCrunch Disrupt-NYC launch with Udemy (2010)
  • Partnered World Series of Poker Champs for Warby Parker launch (2010)
  • Funded Landshark (VC) for StartupWeekend-NYC launch (2010)
  • Co-founded social media agency in ’09: Social Help Online (2013 Exit)
  • Built 1st voice-based biometric payment processor: YadaPay ($8M Angel Raise, Patent to AT&T, ‘08-11)
  • Early-investor in various mobile apps (Blackberry/iOS/Android, 2007+)
  • Honored by Keith Ferrazzi at launch of bestselling book on networking: Never Eat Alone (2007)
  • Co-Owner, 1st online poker school with WSOP Bracelet Winners (2005)
  • Procured ultra-high-net-worth clients for: The Family Wealth Institute, Summit Financial Resources, Wealth Shield Financial, The LTC Partnership, private hedge funds and VC firms. (2004+)
  • Coordinated enterprise tech solutions for Entology (PwC Acquisition)
  • Corporate Sponsorships for Far Hills Race Meeting (Jet-Team Flyover at Opening Ceremonies, Private Yacht/Aviation, 2009+)
  • Board Advisor, Discovery Times Square Foundation (2012)
  • Board Advisor, Give Your Sole, 501c3 (2009)
  • Member, Institute for Sustainable Enterprise, FDU (2008)
  • Member, Knights of Columbus
  • B.A.: Roanoke College
  • Entrepreneurial Studies: American Intercontinental University-London
  • The Hill School

Karl G. Schlegel, III


As Co-Founder of NeedCapial.AI, Karl brings over 16 years of experience working with C-Level executives to overcome key challenges and bring innovation to market. Within the last two years, Karl saw a successful acquisition of the document digitization IP in which he co-founded. Karl also led a media company from launch to the Inc. 500 as Chairman in 2015. While holding positions within venture capital and family offices, Karl has advised projects across a multi-billion-dollar portfolio. Karl began his career in financial services and technology. 


  • Investor and advisor at various 
  • 2 companies M&A rollup in cybersecurity / managed services (100M+ revenue) 
  • Enabled collection of $15 million in 1 year for non-profits 
  • Restructured 60-year-old military and government aviation supply company
  • Served on Federal Reserve Secure Payments Task Force in 2017  
  • Consultant to former Director of White House all-intel program / tech strategy for US 
  • Board Member, Global Women in Tech Awards 
  • B.A.: Rutgers College, Magna Cum Laude 

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