Raise affordable capital faster with
artificially intelligent fundraising

Fundraising is Challenging

  • Too Much Work
    Raising capital is a full-time job…on top of your full-time job

  • Learning Curve
    80% of businesses fail in first 3-years

  • Too Expensive
    Average spend to secure Series A Funding: $400,000

  • Limited Network – “It’s who you know”
    Networking: Dependent upon quality referrals
    Fundraising: Dependent upon qualified capital

  • Poor Guidance
    Average startups lacking mentors fail in 1st year

  • Global Pandemic
    …enough said!

  • Time Is Money
    Companies must focus on revenue-generation

  • Old Technology – “It’s how you meet
    Investors: Limitations meeting specific criteria
    Companies: Limitations finding ideal investors

More Than 75% of Venture Capital And Early-Stage Investment Decisions Will be Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Data Analytics by 2025

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Our Solution


If you’re an inventor, startup, entrepreneur or seasoned business owner, then you know it is a full-time job to raise capital.

Studies show that 80% of startups fail. One of the major reasons is lack of funding

The 20% of businesses that do make it, can dedicate nearly two years to fundraising, spending an average of $400,000–or much more to secure Series A funding.  

It’s time to end the sleepless nights and uncertainty about raising capital.

It’s time to stop paying exorbitant monthly fees to brokers–who promise access to their network with no guarantee of funding in-sight. 

Welcome to NeedCapital.AI, the world’s first, artificially-intelligent fundraising platform, designed by serial-entrepreneurs -and investors- with transparency, efficiency and budget in-mind.  

The NeedCapital.AI engine works to match and connect you with qualified investors. The engine has over 25,000 investment firmsincluding: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Family Offices, as well as 6,000 angel investors

To date, over 3 billion dollars in deal flow has been generated through this platform.   

Here’s how it works in 4 easy steps

First, APPLY online for free!
If you qualify, a NeedCapital.AI representative will schedule your free consultation and answer any questions.

SELECT the service that best fits your budget.
Make a one-time payment to have an experienced team of professionals coach and help you access the platform according to your specific fundraising goals.

Our experts can also help you perfect a pitch deck, develop a business plan, or build financial models. 

With the push of button, you LAUNCH the service to connect with targeted qualified investors interested in your specific investment opportunity.

Then, interested investors contact you directly, and you RESPOND

For additional peace of mind, NeedCapital.AI guarantees a 5% minimum response rate from targeted, qualified investors interested in your investment opportunity. 

So, are you ready to save time and money using the first, artificially-intelligent fundraising platform?!

It only takes a few minutes to complete the online application…

We look forward to working with you!

How It Works


To learn if you qualify, take a few minutes to apply online for free! (no gimmicks or credit card needed)  


If you qualify, receive a free consultation to review your capital needs and select the service that best fits your budget. 


Upon your engagement, a dedicated Account Manager will launch your campaign using the NeedCapital.AI engine to target ideal, qualified investors on the platform. 


Interested investors contact you directly.
You respond and negotiate directly with each investor.